Graduate Award System
1. Application are open to all students who have submitted their hard bound thesis/graduating students.
2. Student are NOT charged with any disciplinary action by University.
3. Student with outstanding fees WILL NOT be considered.
4. Student who apply for early certificate and academic transcript WILL NOT be considered.
5. Duration of study:
  - Full time student MUST have completed their study within 30 months until 48 months.
6. Student MUST obtained grade of A or B1 for their viva voce.
  (B2 result will be considered if the correction after viva is submitted within (3) months)
  - Student MUST be the first student author for all publications. Otherwise, the publication WILL NOT be counted.
  - Publications without the name of Main/ Co-Supervisor WILL NOT be considered.
  - Only publication with UTM affiliation will be considered.
  - Publications MUST be related to the discipline of study.
  - Every publication MUST be verified by the supervisor on the first page of the article.
  - Indexed journal (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, WOS, SCOPUS/ ERA), non-indexed journal, book chapter MUST be published during the duration of study
- Proofs of evidence for indexed publication MUST be attached and fulfill the following condition. Examples are as follows:
       -   Proof of SCOPUS/ ERA/ Web of Science.
         -   Proof of Impact Factor (if any).
         -   Verification of supervisor on the first page of the article.
  - Student MUST have participated in international or national conference during their study as the presenter.
  - Student who have received best paper or oral presenter during conference.
  - Student MUST upload the certificate of attendance for the conference as the presenter.
  - Student MUST have received an award in an International, National or University level.
  - Student who have received Intellectual Property and commercialization.
  - Certificate of activities is compulsory to be uploaded.
12. All information for the application is based on the current programme of studies only.
13. Only application which is recommended by supervisor and endorsed by faculty/ school will be considered.
14. After online submission, the applicant is required to follow up with the supervisor to verify his/her application.
15. Result of application is strictly final and no appeal will be entertained.
16. The application can only be submitted once and no resubmission is allowed.
Matric No. :
Password :
  *For local student, please use your IC No. as password and for international student, please use your ISID No. as the password.